How to choose 18650 batteries?

How to tell if you are fooled when facing millions fake-branded and poor quality 18650 batteries? Here’s some useful tips to help you differ the good from the bad.

From Capacity

Normally the 18650 lithium ion battery’s capacity won’t exceed 3100 mAh for any reason(based the 0.5 C capacity-testing standard). If you got a 18650 battery, and labeled 5000 mAh or so, please don’t risk your life to use it. It’s always been this case. A grade 18650 cells for e-bikes and power tools. B grade for small assembly company of power bank product. C grade and those below C grade for flashlight uses. While Gpower manufactures their own A grade battery to their customers.

From Price  

Some company will use LOW PRICE WITH HUGE CAPACITY to attract customers or even distributors. The price always be something around a 0.65 USD to 1.3 USD for one single 18650 lithium ion batteries. Now you dare to use it? No company will sell goods with a price which is much more lower than the cost. Besides now the labor cost is increasing in China. If there is, it could be bad ones.

From Size

There’s the risk to be deformed, leakage, explosion. Under the maniac price war, Some companies use low price PCB protection board or EVEN cut this part off. This kind of deeds make the market pay prices for the explosion-able 18650 batteries. It does not come easy to tell whether this a PCB inside. Here’s a easy way but not very reliable way. The 18650 li-ion battery’s dimension is 18mm by 65mm. 65mm is its length. When using in a flashlight, a PCB protected 18650 would be at least 67-68mm. Yet the most reliable way is to buy it from a reliable seller.

From appearance

For the original, it has a clear color and texture. Tidy and clean appearance. No scratch. It should be correctly labeled with Model No, Type, Capacity, Voltage, Negative and positive indications. Metal sheets no scratch, no blackened and greenish. If there’s inconformity then you can tell it’s not the original.


Five Key Tips to ensure 18650 batteries life

The lifespan of 18650 batteries are always a big problem to battery users. No matter Gpower batteries, but also the all the 18650 batteries. And most time it depends on how you use and charge them. To ensure 18650 batteries life,  here are some important tips to show:

  • Never let it discharged below 2.5V or exceed 4.25V. Handled with special care these lithium batteries, as they are very sensitive to loading conditions and could burn or explode if improper handling.
  • Don’t deep discharge before recharging 18650 batteries. The capacity of 18650 battery reduces to less than 50%; you should recharge it.
  • Always charge batteries on the fireproof surface. High temperature will cause short lifespan and reduce capacity rating.
  • Do not modify, manipulate or get wet batteries.
  • Using a better smart battery charger for you are not to worry about over-charge, weak-charge and over-heat.