New Design Gpower Battery

        To keep up with the increasing number of vaping markets, a series of new design Gpower batteries have been published, including 18650 and 26650 batteries. They are designed with black and yellow.

gpower battery      The new design Gpower battery shows more information to customers, you are not only to read the pulse discharge current, but also the max continuous discharge current(CDR). By the way, it is important to concern what the CDR is, especially you are using the sub-ohm coils. The new Gpower 2500mAh 35A battery shows the 35A Pulse current with 20A CDR. There are two type 40A batteries: the one is 2600mAh and the other is 3000mAh. We can read that the higher capacity, the lower the CDR. 2600mAh battery is 25CDR and 3000mAh is 20CDR. Mooch , who is a battery master, has tested there are none rated at 3000mAh with a true continuous discharge current over 20A and there are non true continuous discharge current over 30A for 18650 batteries. The last type is 26650 battery. It is rated 4200mAh with 50A pulse discharge current and 25A continuous discharge current. From the site of, we also can see that there have other types batteries. Such as 18350 battery, 18500 battery and other button top battery, which is mainly for flashlights. They are a battery and charger manufacture, owned their own brand “Gpower”. The two type chargers with LCD are able to charge the capacity of battery, which is suitable for all types battery. They are doing OEM and industrial batteries, which you can group them up in anyway you like.