Gpower High Drain 18650 3000mAh Battery

1.To ensure your battery life, never let it discharged below 2.5V or exceed 4.25V, or battery is definitely damaged. Handled with special care these lithium batteries, as they   are very sensitive to loading conditions and could burn or explode if improper handling.
2.Make sure you have the necessary knowledge for the loading, unloading, assembly and recycling this type of battery.
3.Always charge batteries on the fireproof surface.
4.We only recommend using lithium batteries in devices with a control circuit to ensure loading and unloading, the use of lithium batteries without a protection of circuit is   potentially dangerous.
5.Do not modify, manipulate or get wet batteries.
6.We not responsible in any away of injury, damage or defect, permanent or temporary, caused by improper use of batteries or chargers. Please be sure to have a basic   understanding of batteries you are using and how to care for them properly.

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gpower 3000mAh


Brand NameGpower
Model18650 battery 3000mAh 40A
MAX Discharge Current40A
CDR (Continuous Discharge Current)20A
TopFlat top(18mm 65mm)
Warranty12 months
ApplicationE-cigarettes mod, Flashlight ect.

Battery Test


  • This test was tested by west moutain radio CBA pro.CBA pro was purchased on
  • These test batteries from 3 different 3000mAh batteries result,not one battery.
  • The battery temperature tester was Handheld infrared thermometer was purchased in China.
  • This test room temperature was 23℃ (33.8℉).
  • This test result was responsible for the truth of  our test batteries.